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Oct 17

Bad Habits: Eye Docs of Rock 30th Anniversary Concert

On Friday Oct. 6, the College of Optometry partnered with Bad Habits – the Eye Docs of Rock to provide a memorable concert as a…

Sep 01

September Alumni Focus on Dr. Kerry Giedd (OD/MS’00) and Dr. Brad Giedd (MS’00)

Drs. Kerry (OD/MS’00) and Brad (MS’00) Giedd are grateful for the relationships they built at The Ohio State University College of Optometry – most notably…

Oct 10

Farsighted children struggle with attention, study finds

By: Misti Crane COLUMBUS, Ohio – Farsighted preschoolers and kindergartners have a harder time paying attention and that could put them at risk of slipping behind…

Oct 05

Myopia: A close look at efforts to turn back a growing problem

NEI funds research to slow the increase in nearsightednes Source:


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